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Aakasha is a Bulgaria based Fashion brand, started in 2012 by Milena tefanova and Elena Ilieva. We create avant-garde street clothing and accessories for women and men, regardless of their age or size. Artistic and quirky in a sophisticated way, Aakasha is the daily challenge for you to dare to standout.

Focused on modern people with style and purpose

Aakasha is inspired by our desire to create clothes and accessories with a distinctive style, influenced by the minimalist modern movements, but with outstanding cuts.  A fresh and intelligent perspective on fashion. 

The epitome of alternative contemporary chic

The triangular sign in our logo symbolize the 5th element - the meaning of Aakasha. Earth, air, water and fire are the 4 natural elements. The 5th one - that fills the region of the universe above earth's sphere - is Aether. It is also called Akasha, but we decided to add another A in frоnt...  Just like that!

Aakasha represents the free spirit and soul's endless desire for freedom. Our fashion creations express it with free cuts, clear forms, oversized silhouettes and unisex models that fit any body type.

Handmade on demand

As so many surplus clothes are produced all over the world every day, we do not keep our products in stock. Each product displayed in our online store is made specifically for each order, very often with customer measurements and details. In addition to protecting the environment, we also value the labor, effort and energy of our team. 

Each Aakasha piece must first be desired and then made.

Slow fashion with love for you, us and the Planet

Being a sustainable fashion brand is not an easy job for small companies like ours, but any small steps are important to make the fashion industry less harmful to the Planet. That is why some of our designs are made from surplus fabrics, mostly natural ones like linen, cotton or other plant based materials.


Aakasha has a complete production cycle based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thanks to the work and effort of our beloved feminine team, the Aakasha fashion creations come to life with a lot of love, energy and creativity.

For you from the Aakasha family!

Catwalk Presence

Aakasha participated in London Week in 2014 and was internationally acclaimed. Our fashion creations left a blazing trail of admiring eyes.