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Aakasha is Bulgaria based Fashion brand. It started in 2012 with online sales of ladies’ garments, which quickly took off speed and helped the company grow and develop. At present Aakasha has an online shop in Etsy and a lot of retailers around the world and is in process of constant growth.

In the past couple of years our brand has developed and matured, and our satisfied clients multiplied worldwide. The explosion in social networks and blogs in the recent year further contributed to the development of our online presence.


Aakasha was inspired our desire to create clothes and accessories with distinctive style, influenced by the minimalist contemporary movements and simple silhouettes, which can be very original and cutting edge at times. Our designs have deep meaning and come to life with lots of love and creativity. They have recognizable individuality, which you can bring into your own life, for any kind of occasion. It is the epitome of alternative contemporary chic. 


We create affordable street extravagant style for all ages and sizes. Artistic, without being extreme and quirky in a sophisticated way – Aakasha is the daily challenge for anyone to dare to be unique and different. 


We are constantly expanding our line. Since 2015 year we started producing Shoes, Bags and Statement necklaces, all in the unique Aakasha style. We also just started our Aakasha Men line and Aakasha Kids.


And we have so much more planned!


Catwalk presence:

Aakasha participated in London Week in 2014 and was internationally acclaimed. Our fashion creations left a blazing trail of admiring eyes.



All our products are manufactured here in Sofia, Bulgaria

Very little of you know the actual process of creating our clothing - from selecting the material, to creating the cut, first sample and actual creation of product. It is a very long and beautiful process - many customers think that Aakasha is a retailer or importer but

we actually have a complete production cycle apart from selecting the materials which we are trying to be the best quality possible. All of our selection is from the European region and mostly from Bulgaria.

We are like one big tailor's studio, in which is product is created with much love and attention and then presented to our customers.


     Every product from our collections is specifically created for each order and with little exceptions we do not have all the products in stock - all products are created by order.

     Very often with customer measurements and details.

     Most of our designs are limited edition as they are made from surplus stock fabrics, we try to be as much eco friendly and zero waste possible.

    We are trying to source the best solutions for our production processes and be environmentally friendly. We are trying to use natural fabrics, cotton and plant based fabrics.




Production time requires 2-4 days in addition, considering most of our designs are exclusively made on demand after being ordered, distinguishing from in-stock fashion retail.

Besides, all customized articles which we are so proud to offer, assume further tailoring and personal touch ups all considered to affect actual delivery.  

Thank you for the consideration in advance and for the shared interest in our boutique, we truly appreciate the attention and hope to delight you,