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The story behind

It all started with a true friendship

We are Milena & Elena - best friends in life, best partners in business. For each other we are the sisters we don't have in our own families. We've known each other like forever and always knew that together we could create something truly meaningful. And now our families are united as one - the Akasha Family.

Aakasha was born thanks to our desire to create a distinctive fashion brand influenced by the minimalist modern movements that we ourselves adore so much. The contemporary, yet minimalist style is definitely the most intelligent perspective on fashion.

Focused on modern people with style and purpose
We create avant-garde streetwear and accessories for women and men, regardless of their age or size. Artistic and quirky in a sophisticated way, Aakasha is the everyday challenge for you to dare to stand out. 

The epitome of alternative contemporary chic
Aakasha represents the free spirit and the soul's endless desire for freedom. Our fashion creations express it with free cuts, clear forms, oversized silhouettes and unisex designs that fit any body type.

Our brand name meaning
Earth, air, water and fire are the 4 natural elements. The 5th one that fills the region of the universe above earth's sphere is aether, also called akasha. It means "pure, fresh air" or "clear sky". In Sanskrit, Aether is Akasha, derived from a root käs meaning "to be". The concept of aether was used to explain natural phenomena, such as the traveling of light and gravity. 

The triangular sign is the most commonly used symbol of the 5th element and has been part of our branding in the last years. The 4 A's in our brand name represent the other 4 natural elements.