-20% Beige and Black High-Low Maxi Dress A03221

Beige and Black High-Low Maxi Dress A03221

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  • This asymmetrical short sleeved kaftan has the quality of the two dresses seamlessly blended into one. Like a queen with a cloak, sweep in and steal all the attention.
  • The contrast between the light and dark colours leaves lasting impression.
  • The dark part starts from the back with unexpected triangular shape, widening towards the front.
  • Effortlessly graceful, the dress is wide without being baggy; with a fashion presence that makes it good for a number of occasions.
  • The shorter front reveals the legs from the knees down, so pick your shoes carefully as you will have the chance to show off them off.
  • A leather bracelet will complement the outfit and add a rocking touch.

Product Code: A03221


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