So..time to stock up on shirts.

I am in love with the most up-to-date version - looseasymmetric and very versatile. It is a sure bet for sexy elegance. Especially if you go for the crisp white cold shoulders version.

Such a romantic version to wear at sunset, for a date with an oh so special someone. Or, if you want really to impress, an asymmetric free flowing shaped red shirt blouse is a great choice.

In a really warm day, a shirt is a light and chic substitute for a jacket or a cardigan.

And when unexpectedly combined with a sexy pair of shorts, it has a breathtakingly seductive effect.

The black chiffon variety is sleek and darkly alluring, equipped with playful openings on the back. It is fit for a day at the office with meetings, followed by some impromptu clubbing night.

And best for last - a buttoned-down shirt tunic, that goes all the way to the ankles, with a gathering bell shape and loosely draped material. It is feminine and body accentuating, but with a very don't mess with me look.

  • Apr 22, 2017
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