We’re excited to unveil the new look of Aakasha. Take a peek at how our new brand identity came to life at the #AakashaRevived shoot. Featuring some of our latest items in an ever classic color palette.



j l h
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21/08/2017, 03:52:06 PM

Please,please, more clothing for men !!! Best Regards Gert

Jackie Nach
27/08/2017, 07:01:53 PM

YUMMY-YUMMY! I love the artistry of your clothes and accessories. I also love the introduction of unexpected color to make my outfit 'pop'....and always delight in your packaging of roses when I receive my beautiful items. Thank you to all the dear geniuses involved! Jackie Nach

Nikki Nicoletto
16/09/2017, 05:34:32 AM

I am in love with the way you make clothes. Unique and chunky.... baggie & sexy. I love receiving items in the mail. It's so fun to open with roses & confetti. You are brilliant.

Kela Rose
23/09/2017, 02:23:24 AM

I absolutely love every piece you've designed. I've gone so far as to separate my growing collection of "A" designs in my wardrobe and hang and wear them with pride and joy. Your attention to detail, love and care in your packaging is an exciting delight when a package arrives.

26/10/2017, 09:49:54 PM

With all due respect, there are 2 complete Rick Owens ripoffs in your mens line. Im curious to hear your thoughts on the matter, thanks!

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