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Fabrics & Colours

How nice it would be to have this garment in your favorite colour. With Aakasha this is possible!

We all know that feeling when you fall in love with a garment, but it turns out that your favorite colour is not available. Fortunately, at Aakasha you can choose from a wide variety of colour options that can be tailored just for you. 

Since we are a slow fashion brand and our clothes are made to order, we can't capture all of these colour variations within the product gallery. Instead, we do our best to maximize the accuracy of our colour palette displayed on the product page. 

Points to keep in mind: 

1. Human perception of colour is individual and may additionally look different on digital devices.

We hope that the colour names of our materials create an association with something that everyone would recognize. 

2. We use surplus fabrics for crafting some of our designs.

When the availability of a particular colour is exhausted, we replace it with another but very similar one when possible.

3. Fabrics that can never be replaced are used for making our capsule designs.

As part of our sustainability mission, these designs are exclusively made limited editions that aim to reduce our environmental impact by minimizing textile waste when possible.