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Production Ethos

Making slow fashion means less environmental impact

Since so much surplus clothing is produced every day around the world, we do not keep our items in stock. With our on-demand production we support zero stock and less wasted materials.

Every piece of Aakasha must first be desired and then made. As well as protecting the environment, we value the work, effort and energy of our team.

Minimizing our carbon footprint

Being a sustainable fashion brand is not an easy job for small family businesses. But any small steps are important to make the fashion industry less harmful to the planet. That's why some of our designs are made from surplus fabrics, mostly natural ones like linen, cotton or other plant-based materials.


Aakasha has a complete production cycle in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thanks to the work and efforts of our beloved team, Aakasha's fashion creations come to life with lots of love, female energy and creativity.

For you from the Aakasha family!