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Why choose us

Our values and beliefs is what has remained unchanged throughout the years of our fashion experience. We are happy to present them to you deeply, from our hearts and souls. 

Explore our different reading of sustainability with 4 key reasons our creations are worth owning.

Contemporary clothing resists change in trends. When a fashion piece is outstanding and original by itself, you can easily adapt its appearance to your current mood, stage of life and trends you like to follow. Buy once, wear seasons beyond.

Our brand is never pre-producing a huge amount of the designs we feature. This means we use less materials and significantly reduce waste. In addition, we don't underestimate the labor of our employees who work under good conditions and fair pay.

It's been so many years since we launched our first styles in 2012. And you, Aakasha Lovers continue shopping for them without any change in their design. Our customers keep saying the same - every time they wear Aakasha, they get showered in compliments. And that's the biggest reward for our team!

Your opinions, requests and ideas are extremely inspiring and always motivate us. This only makes us better at what we love to do - filling you with joy and satisfaction! We are always open to hear from you in any case, situation or consequence. Share your thoughts with us here