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An absolutely striking seductive piece - a royal blue rope leather statement necklace from a multitude of navy thin strips, gathered into one and adorned with a large knot in the middle.It is the accessory for a impressing and it is a great way to transform a solid color outfit into something amazin..
$95.20 $119.00
Impressive genuine leather and beads statement necklace piece, heavy and remarkable in intriguing combination of black wooden beads and brown small cut leather pieces.Large and outstanding, it is great combination between style and originality.With slightly magical vibe, it is a special piece to add..
$103.20 $129.00
Genuine leather seductive piece - a thick rope necklace with a large stainless steel ring, which serves as a pretty focus for the whole jewel.Sophisticated fashion statement.It is the accessory to pair with simple garment such as a white shirt or a LBD and looks great in combination with other leath..
Intricate mesh handmade genuine leather item.This macrame necklace is a unique type of accessory.Long and imposing, stealing attention and adding bold and special touch to any outfit alone.Great for tunics, dresses, tops and in contrasting colours...
$79.20 $99.00
Exclusive statement accessory - a necklace, with the size and shape of a necktie, but made from leather intrinsic macrame.Featuring an adjustable string at the neck and long finishing wispy strings.The tight mesh makes a solid and recognizable shape of the piece, while accentuating its utter origina..
A seductive piece - a smooth leather statement necklace from a thick rope in large knots.It is the accessory for a impressing and is great in combination with other leather items and platforms or wedges.Special and different, it will turn heads. For confident chicks only.Items on sale/clearance do n..
$95.20 $119.00
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