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Keep your clothing style minimalist with clean lines and classic silhouettes. Basics always work regardless of fashion trends and deserve a special place in your wardrobe. Go for effortlessly stylish looks with ease! 

Cool Wool Dress With High Collar Cool Wool Dress With High Collar
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Stylish and cutting edge wool dress, which combines extravagance, comfort and flair in a unique way. Featuring two long slits on front and back, it is slimming and very elegant. Go for a business meeting, or a leisurely Sunday shopping walk in the sun, make it your choice for a night out,  rega..
$106.25 $125.00
Short Sleeved Kaftan Dress Short Sleeved Kaftan Dress
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A long sleeved maxi dress, reaching ankle length from poly-viscose. Grace has never been so easy - as dresses go, it is a classic and timeless. Royal, imposing and extremely graceful at the same time. Play with shoes and accessories to change its atmosphere. Invites bold and original accessories.Det..
$97.75 $115.00
An original coat, fit to show your penchant for the unusual, with big elegant lapels that can close with overlap or left kept open. With a unique shape, it is striking and very stylish. A garment that will sharpen your look and prove that you are riding high on the fashion wave. Invites statement je..
Short faux leather jacket, as extravagant as they come. If you want to look like and accomplished rock star, this is the look. Short and fitting Eco leather jacket, with beautifully shaped neckline, large zipper and in-seam pockets on the front. The back has a surprising accent - triangular piece wi..
One shoulder tight top, featuring asymmetric hem. Beautiful and sexy, can be worn over flared skirt or wide leg pants for a great outfit.Details: One sleeve Round neckline Bare shoulder ..
 Loose and comfy wide leg viscose pants that are extremely comfy and cool.Details:Gathered at the waist with elastic waistlineWide leg Floor length ..
A simple sleeveless cotton top, a true summer staple. Extremely elegant and versatile, this can be your sexy choice a hot summer day.Details:Round neckline Short sleeves..
A leather jumpsuit for the "it" girl. Bold and outright sexy, it has a  rocking extravagant vibe. The back defines the bottom in an appealing way. This one will be an irresistible addition for your closet.Details:Large front pocketWide straps..
A maxi length jumpsuit with a sliding shoulder. Relaxed and fit, suitable for the busy but fashionable girl.Details:Sleek lineElastic waist with string.Short sleeves Sliding shoulder ..
Maxi Linen Dress with Hidden Pockets Maxi Linen Dress with Hidden Pockets
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This maxi caftan is like a timeless ballad for feminine grace and beauty. Its billowing drapes spill to the floor, while the loose mid-length sleeves show the arms, which look graceful and thin in comparison. It has the freedom of wind woven in its form, but it can be a choice for a very offici..
$101.15 $119.00
Naked Shoulders Gypsy Blouse Naked Shoulders Gypsy Blouse
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Naked shoulders gypsy blouse. Simple and with a clean line, yet extremely salacious and flirty. Details: Off-the-shoulder necklineFlare sleeves ..
$54.19 $75.00
Little Party Dress Little Party Dress
SAVE $13.35
This maxi short sleeved kaftan has the quality of the two dresses seamlessly blended into one. Like a queen with a cloak, sweep in and steal all the attention.The contrast between the two colours leaves lasting impression, from poly-viscose. Effortlessly graceful, the dress is beautifully flared; wi..
$75.65 $89.00
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