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An elegant maxi party dress  - an imaginative and graceful garment with a bare shoulder.It is a dress fit for a queen, and for any kind of body shape. Extremely salacious and irresistible, from linenIt is royally compelling featuring abundant drapes - an absolute head turner at any event.The ba..
$85.60 $107.00
Graceful free flowing tunic dress with voluminous drapes from polyviscoseThe slit sleeves make sure your arms get full attentionComfortable and loose, caressing gently the curves, it is uniquely elegant and feminine. The long front slit gives a tantalising glimpse of the legs.Combine with high platf..
$87.20 $109.00
Every girl is on a quest for the perfect dress - so why not go for a bolder number such as the sleeveless extravagant maxi dress? It embodies sophistication and grace. Slightly shorter at the front and longer from the back, the cotton material shapes the body, caressing the waist line, reaching..
$68.00 $85.00
Stylish and edgy maxi dressThis sleeved polyviscose kaftan has the quality of the two dresses seamlessly blended into one. Like a queen with a cloak, sweep in and steal all the attention.The contrast between the light and dark colours leaves lasting impression.Made from polyviscoseCompliment with an..
$85.60 $107.00
This kaftan is a piece of art on you: extremely graceful and beautiful, it will open a path of adoring eyes everywhere you go. Very feminine and extravagantly original at the same time. The dress unfolds and drapes in abundance at the right places, but the way the it gathers at the back be..
$68.00 $85.00
This asymmetrical short sleeved kaftan boasts elegance and sophistication. Like a queen with a cloak, sweep in and steal all the attention.Effortlessly graceful, the dress is wide without being baggy; with a fashion presence that makes it good for a number of occasions.The shorter front reveals the ..
$85.60 $107.00
A casually elegant short sleeved maxi viscose dress with high low hem.Featuring floor length at the back and giving a glimpse of the knees from the front.Comfort and elegance in one  -  a great autumn or winter party dress.A dress that is both great for day wear and as an extravagant party..
$85.60 $107.00
An extremely elegant maxi party dress - An imaginative and graceful garment with asymmetric sleevesFree flowing silhouette.Made from viscoseAdorned with V-neck and strings from the neckline.SIZE CHART..
$93.60 $117.00
This maxi caftan is like a timeless ballad for feminine grace and beauty.Its billowing drapes spill to the floor, while the tight sleeves make the arms look graceful and thin in comparison.Walk slowly with dignified air and enjoy the admiration.It has the freedom of wind woven in its form, but it c..
$89.60 $128.00
An elegant faux leather party dress. The leather makes it look very sexy without being too revealing.Simple and stunning at the same time. Pair with leather shoes or even better, high leather boots for unforgettable impact.SIZE CHART..
$92.80 $116.00
Mysterious princess in disguise - regal and stunning, be prepared: heads will turn in its wake and stuff will be dropped when you wear this romantic fantasy.This one is for the day or the evening, when you want to shine. You can never go unnoticed in it.The material unfolds and drapes in abundance a..
$68.00 $85.00
Breathtakingly original and brave, yet it has this classy eternal quality of grace and feminine presence.It slides off the shoulder just a bit, if you want to show your naughty side. The length below the knees will give you the chance to show your best pair of tight leggings and sexy high heel..
$76.00 $95.00
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