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An original vest, fit to show your penchant for the unusual, with big elegant lapels that can close with overlap or left kept open.With a unique shape, it is striking and very stylish.A garment that will sharpen your look and prove that you are riding high on the fashion wave.Invites statement jewel..
$125.10 $139.00
Black Cut Out Back Slim Blazer  Midi Sleeves, elegant silhouette Works great in combination with sexy wedges and tight pants. Made from poly-viscose SIZE CHART..
$121.50 $135.00
Extravagant and sexy jumpsuit.Sleeveless, slightly tailored and flaring gently from the waist LBD style, it smoothly flows into the tight legs. The naturally formed drapes add elegance and grace.It is very comfortable and feminine, the sleek line making it suitable both for formal and every day..
$109.65 $129.00
An elegant maxi party dress  - an imaginative and graceful garment with a bare shoulder.It is a dress fit for a queen, and for any kind of body shape. Extremely salacious and irresistible, from linenIt is royally compelling featuring abundant drapes - an absolute head turner at any event.The ba..
$109.65 $129.00
    A beautiful, loose fit swing top with mid length bell sleeves.    Featuring a double hem on the front and longline square hem on the back.    Made from 100% natural linen in mellow earth tones palette.    Link to   pan..
$94.50 $105.00
Extremely graceful and beautiful flared dressVery feminine and extravagant. Made from viscose, available in variety of colours..
$109.65 $129.00
Elegant Slim Caped dress from polyviscoseBeautiful V Neck back and slit on the lower partAvailable in variety of colorsCombine with high platform wedges ..
$107.10 $119.00
Elegant pants with flared trouser legs.The flared leg gives the silhouette sleek and very appealing look. Great both with tight fitting top and oversize loose asymmetrical shirt in contrasting colors.  Don't forget equally uncompromising pair of high shoes to go along. At any rate &nb..
$94.50 $105.00
Loose and comfy skirt pants from textile viscose.Dreamy, floaty and extra-wide, they are a fantastically fabulous item.The abundant material makes them look like a wide gorgeous skirt with a twist.Comfy and cool.Links to top, sweater, necklace, ring and bag SIZE CHART..
$85.50 $95.00
Maxi loose 100% cotton dress, reaching floor length with an adjustable strap at the back, and seductively bare shoulders.Romantic, elegant and feminine to the core, billowing abundantly from the chest down,Extremely graceful and easy to dress up and down. Suitable both for a day dress in hot weather..
$131.75 $155.00
Sexy red V-neck blouse with extra wide flaring sleeves.Boasting a clean line, yet extremely salacious and flirty. The material flares abundantly from the chest over the waist and below.Made from PolyviscoseLink to pants  SIZE CHART..
$85.50 $95.00
A maxi length jumpsuit with and open shoulder, creating a gorgeous overlapping piece across the whole front. Very comfortable, suitable for the busy but fashionable girl. It features abundance of material and wide skirt-like pants. With a magnificent bold and sexy look, look..
$109.65 $129.00
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