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·       Classy block heel sandals with sexy peep toe opening and very high arch.   ·       Seductive 10 cm heel featuring a medium thin mobile buckled ankle strap.·       Sole lenght: sz 37– 24 cm, sz ..
$99.50 $199.00
Black sandals with moderately high platform, which shape and finish the leg in an exquisite way.The naked heel is extremely seductive, adding and air of lightness and exposing a bit more of the leg.The ripple black soles remind slightly of skating shoes, adding elegance and touch of magic to your ga..
$99.50 $199.00
Black leather sandals from perforated leather.The front extends towards the leg, while in contrast the back of the heel is exposed.The toes also are open and the sandals are held at the ankle with wide leather strap.Coarse and feminine in the same time.The thick platform soles contrast with the gent..
$79.50 $159.00
·       Genuine leather fisherman sandals with a gradient 2 to 3.5 cm. grooved rubber sole assigning an appealing “Don’t mess with me” look.·      The caged design blinks at classics retro style while the solid straps..
$86.00 $172.00
A pair of leather fisherman sandals with a fringe in front and back heel strap.The original fringe detail and the thick ankle strap accentuate the grace and gentle shape of the foot while making it a great combination with extravagant and edgy outfits for don't-mess-with -me look...
$85.50 $171.00
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