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An original warm solution for the chill days. The sleeveless shape gives you the opportunity to show off your arms and the garment underneath, while still keeping you warm. The extravagant shape of the collar adds an original edge to the coat. Comfortable, with zipper pocket and zipper details on th..
Absolute winter perfection - stylish coat from shiny genuine leather. Asymmetric line featuring a hem with unusual shape. The long sleeves finish with openings for the thumbs, turning them into semi gloves and providing additional shield from the cold. An absolute head turner. The choice of the mate..
A cloak is an unexpected choice for a coat. An echo from another time. A subtle promise for a romance. Just by wearing it you become a part of fairy-tale.The shorter double zipper front is fit and trimming, while the longer back falls loosely over the back. It is comfortable and warm, with extra war..
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