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Vegan Leather Pencil Skirt

Vegan Leather Pencil Skirt
  • SKU: A09267

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  •  Pencil skirts are always in and this one has the additional twist that it is made of faux leather.
  • Tight fitting, sexy and body shaping, it is a must for your night-out wardrobe.
  • The length is just at the knees, showing enough but without revealing too much, while the discreet slit at the back only accentuates the sassy vibe.
  •  When you walk past, be sure that a lot of eyes will followナ to enjoy the sight of the exquisitely shaped bottom.
  • While it is an accessory in itself, you have a wide choice of other stamen accessories to choose from - and don't forget to add a pair of shoes that is just overwhelmingly seductive.