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Linen Dresses

Elegant sleeveless linen dress in several sophisticated colours Featuring an exquisite drape on the front and back. With a clean and light line, it is great both as a day dress or an evening choice. Invites bold and imposing shoes and accessories..
Maxi Linen Dress with Hidden Pockets Maxi Linen Dress with Hidden Pockets
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This maxi caftan is like a timeless ballad for feminine grace and beauty.Its billowing drapes spill to the floor, while the loose mid-length sleeves show the arms, which look graceful and thin in comparison.It has the freedom of wind woven in its form, but it can be a choice for a very official..
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Mini linen dress with one shoulder design which is an absolute head turner at any event. To add an edge to your outfit, play with some sharp leather based accessories. Details: Mini dressElastic back for easy dressingBare shoulder ..
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