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A unique top, that has 2 detachable pieces, turning it into a tunic, a dress, a short top. Cutting edge shape-shifting garment, fit for any kind of weather. With a large kangaroo pocket on front for additional convenience. The zippers serve as intriguing and alternative details as well, so go ahe..
$101.15 $119.00
Off the shoulder high low Tencel and chiffon shirt, featuring transparent triangular chiffon piece at the back and double chiffon pleated sleeves and front.A beautiful boho garment, that can be worn as a dress or as a tunic over tight pants or leggings. A unique garment for a unique style.Extremely ..
$66.30 $78.00
Tight elastic top with exceptional feature - an open elbow.The tight sleeves shape the arms and the bare shoulder gives an unexpected playful tint.Accentuating the shape of the body, it is sexy and fitting. Suitable for casual and elegant occasions as well.Makes great combination with any kind of fl..
$58.65 $69.00
Short Sleeves Linen Top with Belt
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Short sleeves linen top, featuring fastening belt. A beautiful and sexy tunic blouse, that can be worn over tight pants or leggings for maximum impact. Extremely elegant, this can be your choice for a hot summer day or evening. A unique garment for a unique style. SIZE CHART..
$85.50 $95.00
Casual blacked draped tunic. Feminine, graceful and extremely comfortable. The material glides past the curves of the body, with unique grace and flow, with a sexy potential of occasional sliding shoulder. Fantastic combination with leggings or tight pants. Suitable both for every day wear or pa..
$62.90 $74.00
With high-low asymmetric shape and exquisite short sleeves, this blouse will take you places. It is extremely versatile and full of surprises: from the back, it resembles a tunic, folding and pleating gently over your back, while the shorter length from the front has more of a business quality. Yo..
$66.30 $78.00
This cotton top is the essence of summer in a garment. Wide and free flowing. Extremely fun to wear, it is no ordinary outfit.  Flattering the form, comfortable and original at the same time, it embodies summer breeze, casual elegance and sense of freedom. Play with colours and show your po..
$62.90 $74.00
Asymmetric shirt with bell-like sleeves, example of business casual style.Features generous draping on the back and V neck with grandad collar.Textile viscose.SIZE CHART..
$92.65 $109.00
Loose asymmetric viscose tunic.Featuring over a strip, part of the hem that goes over the shoulder.One long and one short sleeve.Mid-thigh lengthLink to leggingsSIZE CHART..
$61.20 $72.00
A sexy, comfortable and versatile turtle neck sweater. Tight sleeves and tailored shape accentuate the body, making it an elegant combination for skirt pants, drop crotch pants or under a sharp jacket. Absolutely adjustable both for business and casual wearCottonLink to  leggings  SIZE ..
$65.45 $77.00
Extremely comfortable and sexy casual top which will suit tights, pants and pencil skirt in equal measure. Want to play? Show some skin just by sliding it over your shoulder. Whether you are in for a long day at the office carrying files, or day with the kids, it is always important to feel comfor..
$58.65 $69.00
A tunic top, comfortable, as well as suitable for any kind of official outing. Even though it is asymmetric and bold, it is also very stylish and classy. The neckline is the most sensual part - a glimpse of shoulder or a collarbone has more effect than any jewel. Comfortable and with a free flowi..
$61.20 $72.00
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